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Any Game of Thrones fan's out there?

Check out my new photoshop painting, the first where I have used a tablet.
Due to some portal problems, my new uploads are not appearing for view... I was scouted, now it seem's I am not. :(
Any help with this situation?

'Our way is the old way.'

Game of Thrones  -  Photoshop Painting

Animation Within Film

2011-04-26 19:13:24 by AlStew

Meet Larry.

Larry is a Uruk-Hai, and a character for a proposed animation series i will make when i have the time.
But here, he is just the test subject.

I recently worked out how to put my animation graphic's into film, so i decided to make a test video. It involves the most simplest of narratives, and is just to see if i could track the subject within the footage.
It turned out to be somewhat of a success.

I am interested in doing some more work like this, so if anyone has any tips on this type of work it would be most appreciated.

Otherwise, any comments or thoughts please. x4XA

Animation Within Film

Who's First?

2011-03-30 17:01:21 by AlStew

My next piece of 'art'.
Just something i quickly made, just continuing from previous work. Might make a third image for a trilogy, but not sure which character to choose... Any idea's?


Who's First?

New Animation

2011-03-24 09:42:18 by AlStew

- With TomSka's Audio!

I completed an animation yesterday, in an afternoon, using audio from one of Tom's video's.
It is basically a test animation to experiment with style, different to what i said i would post, but no-one probably reads this anyway.
It's very short, and reflects my frustration towards Flash sometimes.

Anyway, i hope to be producing some more animations soon to work out how to become half decent at it.



Tom's Youtube Channel:

New Animation